Diet Center

From a small home kitchen to a widespread operation with franchises all over the Middle East: how we turned our vision into reality!

My husband, Rifaat Jabri, and I, Sawsan Wazzan Jabri, met at the American University of Beirut in the late 1970s, both studying Chemistry with a keen interest in the Food Industry and the world of Nutrition. We pursued master’s degrees in Nutrition and Food Technology and began working at a factory in Chtaura shortly after.

During the war, when we left the country, we saw an untapped market in the U.S. that didn’t exist yet in the Middle East. In the early 80s, people in the Middle East were not yet aware of the importance of Nutrition and well-being like in the West. It was the first time we heard of a company solely dedicated to helping people achieve their fitness goals through nutritional consultations and catering. We thoroughly studied the market, and when it was time to return home, we knew we had to bring this idea to life.

Our focus extended beyond weight loss; we aimed to create delicious, nutritionally-balanced menus and customize the calorie count based on the client’s goals. I remember testing recipes in my own kitchen and seeking feedback from neighbors. The challenge was to achieve great taste that the Lebanese population would approve of while keeping the calories at a minimum. Through hard work and dedication, the first-ever Diet Center opened its doors in 1990, staffed with dietitians, chefs, cooks, and, of course, my husband and me.

As pioneers in the Middle East, we attracted the attention of other countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, where obesity was a major concern. The first franchise opened in Riyadh in 1996, followed by Jeddah in 1999, Kuwait in 2000, and Qatar in 2004.

Today, after 28 years, the Diet Center in Lebanon remains the leading weight loss company, providing consultations, medical care, catering, retail operations, university presence, internships, and more!

Diet Center is more than just a business; it’s a family business that strives to make each client feel at home, cared for, encouraged, and supported with positive energy to achieve their goals.

Our services include:

  • Nutritional consultations, including BMI assessment, goal discussions, and planning
  • Tailor-made programs to meet individual needs
  • Full-day catering with doorstep delivery
  • Retail shop with a selection of our favorite items available for delivery
  • Implementation of healthy lifestyle principles through education and awareness-building
  • Catering services for events, conferences, exhibitions, schools, medical symposiums, university activities, and film shoots (video clips, advertisements, etc.)
  • Healthy lunch boxes for various occasions and settings