A Brighter Future Realized: Vahan Tekeyan School’s Solar Journey with the Rotary Club

Updated on February 21, 2024

Celebrating a Milestone in Sustainable Education: The Inauguration of Vahan Tekeyan School’s 50KW Solar System

Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Bourj Hammoud, Vahan Tekeyan School (VTS) has not only dreamed of progress and community effort but has now realized it. In an exemplary display of partnership, innovation, and determination, VTS, with the support of the Rotary Club Beirut Cedars and international partners, has successfully installed and inaugurated a 50KW photovoltaic solar system.

Under the Patronage of the District Governor: A Symbol of Rotary’s Commitment

With the esteemed patronage of the District Governor, the VTS solar project stands as a powerful symbol of the Rotary’s commitment to community service and environmental stewardship. District 2452 Governor Bashar Haddad’s support highlights the significance of this project not just for VTS but for the broader initiative of sustainable development within the Rotary districts.

From Vision to Reality: The Path to Solar Power

Our journey, which began in January 2023 with the collaboration of LA-Beirut Sister City and the LA Cedars Rotary Club, reached its culmination on February 8th, 2024, with the official inauguration of the solar panel system. This momentous occasion marked not just the installation of a solar system but the beginning of a sustainable future for the school.

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

The project, with initial budget of $15,000, expanded in scope and vision as the school’s needs became evident. With the effort of donors and thanks to the generous contribution of the Clara Margossian Trustee Varouj Altebarmakian, our budget reached $50,000. This additional support allowed us to implement a solar solution that truly matched the school’s requirements.

Technical Excellence and Community Involvement

Through a competitive bidding process and with the technical expertise provided by the supplier, the best quality solar solution was selected. The system’s robust performance since January is a testament to the quality of the installation and the commitment of all parties involved.

Inauguration Day: A New Chapter Begins

The inauguration, led by the Rotary Club of Beirut Cedars, was a celebration of community, sustainability, and international cooperation. Dignitaries from the Rotary Club, the school board, and the community gathered to witness this landmark event. Speeches highlighted the project’s narrative, the importance of sustainable development, and the bright future this system secures for VTS.

Looking Ahead: A Beacon of Rotary’s Service and Leadership

Today, VTS stands as a beacon of hope, embodying the Rotary’s core values of service and leadership. This project is a shining example of what can be achieved through international cooperation and local action. It’s more than an infrastructure upgrade; it’s a leap towards energy independence and a symbol of inspiration for our young minds.

Join Us in Celebrating This Milestone

As we look back on this incredible journey, we invite the community to join us in celebrating this significant achievement. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all donors, consultants, and members of both the Armenian and Lebanese communities who have contributed to this project.

For more information about Vahan Tekeyan School and to stay updated on our latest ventures in sustainability, please visit www.vahantekeyan.com.

This project is not just a step towards a greener future; it is a leap for VTS, empowering them with energy independence and inspiring the young minds who will lead our world tomorrow.